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Food Menu

At Burbank Jewish Preschool, we value exposing the children to a variety of healthy foods in order to help expand our children’s food repertoire. Vegetable consumption is an important component of a healthy diet; as one of the main food groups, vegetables provide fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. With this in mind, the children are fed fresh fruit and veggies daily.


Each day, we offer a variety of choices for our pickiest little eaters, with the intention that each child finds something healthy that they can eat and enjoy. At the same time, children are exposed to new foods that they may not usually eat and are encouraged to widen their palette of healthy foods. They may even discover these new healthy dishes actually taste delicious! We also include a weekly rotating lunch menu as this enables us to widen the variety of foods available and make it more interesting for the children.


Throughout mealtime, teachers give a lot of positive reinforcement for:

*Healthy eating choices

*Trying new foods

*Eating neatly and using good table manners

Please  Click Here  to see this month's menu.

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